Save Water. Save Money.
Save the Earth.

You can reduce your household dependence on main water systems by 70% with the collection of rainwater from rooftops. Rainwater is pure and inexpensive and it does not contain harmful contaminants or chemicals. Then why pay for something that is naturally for free...

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Sustainable & Eco Friendly Water Solutions

the Home Tank

Round & Slimline

  • Save money on water utility bills by using your own water source
  • 100% UV protection against the sun to protect drinking water against algae build-up or dirt
  • Maximum capacities for the space you have available at home for maximum water accumulation
  • Corrosion is greatly reduced by the polymer coating between the tank wall and the water stored
  • Install as a complete rainwater harvesting system to improve water quality with almost no maintenance
  • Cost-effective, quick and easy installation as a DIY project at home
  • Lifespan of 20 years or longer

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the SunSpring Hybrid

The SunSpring Hybrid provides safe water for disaster relief and international development.

SunSpring Hybrid is a Portable Solar and Wind Powered, Self-Contained Microbiological Water Purification System capable of producing up to and exceeding 20,000 liters per day for up to and exceeding 10 years!

It provides enough safe drinking water for developing communities around the world, reducing debilitating water-borne disease in most fresh water, (no salt).

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Water Making Machines

Our patented technology uses the Adiabatic Distillation Process to draw water from the atmosphere, which “Mother Nature” is constantly replenishing naturally and sustainably.

Adiabatic is defined as "occurring without gain or loss of heat" and distillation is the condensation process where water vapor is reduced to a liquid. Skywater®’s patented adiabatic distillation process replicates and augments nature's hydrologic cycle by circulating ambient air through a condensation chamber where the dewpoint is constantly maintained, literally harvesting available vapor right out of the air, creating a continuous flow of water, even in low humidity conditions.

The air is filtered, vapor is condensed, and the water that is collected is purified and finally filtered through a high quality carbon filters.

*Water output is dependent on environmental factors such as relative humidity and temperature

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